About Us

About Us

This conference was orchestrated by educational, employment, training, and economic development agencies. It was hosted by the Los Angeles Community College District (LACCD) along with a variety of partners throughout the region. The conference united Energy Efficiency & Weatherization entities that included industry associations, employers, and community-based organizations involved in the provision of service. It also brought together community colleges and the continuum of education and strengthened the working relationship with the region’s workforce development system.

This conference set the foundation for the following:
  • Creating and delivering Energy Efficiency & Weatherization education and training services

  • Connecting Job-Seekers to Employers with hiring needs

  • Offering information about the emerging green-tech and energy efficiency sectors

  • Providing business expansion services to help frontline service providers

  • Establishing stronger working relationships within the employment and training system
For more information, please send us an email… cajayonf@email.laccd.edu
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